Which is the Best Loft Ladder For Your Home? Consider the Following

Are you looking for operating with remote, pull, or slide loft ladder? In this article, there is a brief guide on the process of picking and buying a loft ladder.

In the stores, there are different types of ladders, varying the set of features.  However, the main objective is on how the ladder you want operates. So, in the stores, you will find the three types of loft ladders; sturdy folding loft ladder, heavy-duty concertina, and sliding ladders.

However, each type has benefits and downside. So, you have to consider essential tips to have the right model that suits your home. When considering a loft ladder, always focus on the purpose of the loft ladder.

  • Sliding-type of loft ladder

In most stores, the basic ladders you can use to access your loft are these types called sliding ladders. However, they have their way of operating because they will merely be pivoting down when provided with an operating pole.

Besides, this type is available in two forms, either timber or aluminum. For an aluminum type of loft ladder, it has two or three sections. The difference is that the one having three parts will be shorter, making it suitable for housings that have low pitched roof.

  • Folding type of loft ladder

When you compare these folding and sliding loft ladders, the folding is substantial.

Folding ladders can hold a maximum weight of 150kg. If you choose a three-section timber loft ladder, you need to use it for consistency and regularity.

Besides, it will be perfect if you use lofts in places that are not habitable like office and playroom.

The ladder also comes with a thermally insulated kit. Its whole package is usually installed at the aperture making the ladder to sit against your back door firmly.

Moreover, this type of ladder is easier to operate and not likely to fall to the operator while closing or opening the hatch door.

  • Electric-type of lof ladder

These are some crucial types of loft ladders. They are powered by the main electricity and also have a backup battery.

When considering the type, its concertina kind with automated hatch. For a heavy-duty ladder, it suits heights less than 4 meters but the operation on 240V.

Alternatively, there is an electric timber that is fully automated. This type of ladder can be operated using a tablet or smartphone.

However, it can hold a weight of 150kg and below. It comes with two handrails and therefore suitable for kids utilizing the playroom.

  • Concertina type of loft ladders

These are fantastic types of loft ladders that have been designed in a way they will save much space as possible.

If you want this type, consider the two models available in the stores; domestic and commercial type of concertina loft ladders.

For a domestic type, its lightweight and suitable for use in the traditional loft aperture. It’s therefore excellent when you want to access the attic regularly.

Commercial type, on the other hand, is a heavy-duty type of concertina loft ladder. It is made suiting any size for accessing the ceiling or hatch height.

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